What it takes for TX

Yage Wang—Staff Writer 

A strong beat echoes in the aerobics room.  Several Dordt students dance as the wooden floor reflects the dazzling ceiling lights. 

Prior to the highly-anticipated annual TX talent show event held Saturday, February 29, many candidates devoted every bit of their free time to practicing their performances.  

The group “Formed by Immigrants (FBI) is one of the finalists for TX. This dancing group was formed by Grace Lee, a senior psychology student.  


Lee started asking around last fall to find people who were interested in making a team with herThe seven members of FBI met up two to three times per week to practice for almost two months. For college students who all have different majors and schedules, gathering for meeting and practice is big commitment. Everyone has been working on memorizing their dance moves. 

“We want to make it a good performance,” Lee said, “so we ask the people involved to be committed to this.”   

During each practice, Lee has to speak louder than the music so other members can hear her suggestions. During certain parts of the performance they need to present with serious faces, and in other parts they need to stomp harder. Through the long hours of practice, the seven people have built strong friendships and made many good memories. They encourage each other after practice.  


Many things happened during the practice. Like, some messed up and we all [teased them] about it,” said Dareen Christabel, a junior psychology student.  

 For Lee, TX means a lot. She has been in TX twice, and this is the last one she’ll compete in before she graduates.  

“I know it’s a lot of time and commitment for my friends, but once the performance is done everyone will be so overwhelmed by the result,” Lee said. 

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