Advertising Information

The Dordt Diamond is looking for funding for the current academic year. The Diamond is offering advertising opportunities to local businesses.

About us

The Dordt Diamond is a campus newspaper, published bi-weekly by a group of students developing their skills, experience, and opportunities in journalism. Article are written by these students to present and discuss events and ideas on campus and beyond.

Ad Size     Black and White              Color
3×2                    $10.00                       $15.00
3×3                    $15.00                        $20.00
3.5×5                $20.00                      $25.00
5×5                    $25.00                       $30.00

The advertisement will be placed into the next issue of the Diamond. Several issues will be placed off campus as well as distributed on campus. If your business would like a few copies please let us know.

Advertisement Examples: Both are 5X5 in print.


Address: 498 4th Ave NE

Attn: Lee Pitts

Sioux Center IA 51250