Balancing school and work:  Sarina Johnston 

Alicia Bonestroo — Staff Writer

Meet Sarina Johnston, a senior at Dordt, majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. She is currently taking 19 credits and is working up to 16 hours a week. Sarina also has a theatre scholarship, so she is heavily involved in the theatre department. She is designing for two of the three shows this semester. She is also president of the Magic: The Gathering club, and she is currently in the process of planning her senior art exhibit with Allison Wordes. 

Safe to say, Johnston is a busy woman. And she claims that she started that in high school. 


Back in high school, Johnston had a full class day. Plus, she was involved in theatre, speech, band, three honor societies, and was a roadie for her high school’s jazz band. She was also on band council, the K-Club board, and took online college courses. 

“I felt the need to continue being busy in college, because I had this opportunity to do things. And I wanted to do it, I wanted to make it work. Even if it takes away from other things, I make it balance.” She laughs a bit from where we are talking backstage at Everything is Wonderful. She didn’t even have time for us to talk otherwise. 

So what does she sacrifice to make everything work? Sleep and social time. Every day, Johnston gets about three to four hours of homework, and she can’t work on that until after she finishes at her job at 5. Over the weekends, homework can take up to eight hours. She averages about six hours of sleep a night. 

“But it’s worth it and I wouldn’t change it,” Johnston said. “I’d rather be busy than bored.” 

Sundays are planning days for Johnston. She sees what assignments are due during the week and plans out when to devote her time to homework. 

“I plan it to a T,” Johnston said. “I have a calendar on my wall with my schedule, but I know that sometimes I have to take it with a grain of salt. I can plan my time, but changes and last minute things happen. And I’m okay with that.” 

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