Dordt community creates during Defender Days

Sam Landstra–Staff Writer

This year’s Dordt Defender Days culminated with the highly-anticipated reveal of the Dordt University logo. The logo was revealed Friday night in the Campus Center in front of students, alumni, and parents. Apart from the logo reveal, the weekend showcased events such as the alumni hockey game, the dedication of the Agriculture Stewardship Center, and productions of the musical My Fair Lady.

Defender Days featured a Dordt Community Art Event put on by the Art Senior Seminar Class, allowed individuals to express their creativity and collaborate with the Dordt community through the making of a pottery piece and mural of the Dordt logo. Both projects took place in the Science Building during the Friday afternoon of Defender Days.

Pottery Piece

Contributed Photo

Senior Jonathan Fictorie, a fine arts and graphic design major, oversaw the pottery project in which individuals were able to mold tiny clay creations that were then placed on a larger piece of pottery. The conglomerate of creations, ranging from a Lego man to a ping pong paddle, gave a “snapshot of the Dordt community through art”, Fictorie said. The piece of pottery, which must dry for thirty days before it is fired and stained, will be revealed at the beginning of next semester.

creating tiles.jpgThe second project Senior Seminar class project allowed members of the Dordt community to decorate individual tiles that were later pieced together to reveal an artistic interpretation of the new Dordt University logo. With 100 different and unique tiles, the mural stands for, as the artist statement says, “representing individuality within a unified whole”. Pieced together the morning following the logo reveal, the mural now hangs in the lower level of the Campus Center.

In order for the logo mural event to take place, Fictorie had to send the logo to Sioux Falls for it to be printed onto the pre-cut mural. Fictorie was one of the select individuals to see the logo’s design before it was revealed and he recalls the emphasis put on confidentiality so the logo would not be leaked.

The pottery and logo mural projects that consisted of the Dordt Community Art event gathered over 100 people together in the name of creativity. Describing the goal of the project, Fictorie said that the team wanted to “condense the creative spirit of Dordt College” as well as offer an opportunity to create art for individuals who are otherwise unable to do so. Indeed, the many personalities and interests of Dordt College manifested themselves on both the pottery and mural.

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