Carving and cookies: Dordt hosts Fall Fest

Daniel Ebmeier–Guest Writer

For those unable to purchase pumpkins or carve them at home, Dordt Student Activities had the Dordt campus covered with Fall Fest. On October 26, students carved pumpkins, decorate cookies, and enjoyed hot apple cider.

Posters across campus advertised the event depicting a Starbucks coffee along with a jack-o-lantern. The Starbucks was supposed to be a pumpkin spice latte to further the fall message and act as an eye catcher. The poster was designed by Ally Visser.

Derek Buteyn, Director of Residence Life, wanted the event to take more of a fall theme than a Halloween one, even though the decorations would be similar. He and residence life wanted to provide students with the opportunity to create community, get enjoyment, and make friends with the simple activity of carving pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving was a new experience for some international students. Some might view pumpkin carving as a waste of food. Although, some students at the event kept the seeds to eat later.

The night also involved cookie-decorating. Students could choose from red, yellow, and orange frosting with Halloween sprinkles. After finishing the cookies , students could wash them down with hot apple cider.

The pumpkin carving contest began at 9:10 pm. Students chose a pumpkin, took a number, and named it. Carving tools were provided. They were given one hour to complete their pumpkins. When they were done, they placed their pumpkins on the stage to be judged. Sam Roskamp and Britta Provart were the judges.

Ashley Armstrong’s barfing jack-o-lantern won best presentation. Its eyes were shut tight with pumpkin innards seeping out of its mouth.

Daniel Seaman took home Judge’s Choice with his skull pumpkin. Since he had come in at about 9:30, he did not have as much time as some other pumpkin carvers. He instead dug into the skin and it took form as a skull. “Pumpkin is easy to whittle but hard to carve” he said.

After the contest was over, students were able to take their pumpkins with them to the dorms as long as they placed them on a paper plate.

Students might remember the Northwestern pumpkins that appeared by the clock tower last year, but none appeared this time around.

Humans vs. Zombies also didn’t happen this year. Sophpmore Colton Ott was disappointed because he and his friends had been planning H v Z strategies to try out.

This year the costume dance was held on Saturday November 3, 2018. Not much was revealed but there will be a The Price is Right spin on the event with “epic prizes”.

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