2022 nursing class passes NCLEX perfectly

Abigael Wegner – Staff Writer

Dordt University’s 2022 nursing class had a 100 percent pass rate in the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Within the class of 17 nursing graduates, all of them passed the examination on their first attempt.

The NCLEX is an exam that tests the competency and preparation of nursing graduates, ensuring they have the knowledge and abilities required to become a practicing nurse. The exam is based on logic and critical thinking rather than memorization.

Dordt’s nursing program is dedicated to preparing students for the NCLEX, using practice tests to evaluate students.

“The professors structure their exams and classes based on how it will look in NCLEX so you are not shocked when you get to the actual course,” Katherine Kooiman, a senior nursing student, said.

Kooiman gives the nursing professors a lot of credit for the students’ success.

“They are really good about meeting with you if you are struggling in one of the classes, and (show you) how you can improve, and what to work on or focus on,” Kooiman said.

After Dordt opened the new nursing lab in 2019, students were able to simulate a wide variety of situations. The lab gives nursing students the ability to experience hands-on learning and mimic real-life situations and challenges.

The 2022 examination will be different than previous years, bringing a whole new challenge for the nursing department.

“The questions are different, so ours will be focused more on case studies.” Kooiman said. “It’s called a Next Generation NCLEX.”

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