Thankful for… online shopping?

Joshua Meribole–Staff Writer

The turkey lays cooked on the table  and the sweet aroma fills the room. Your mouth gets watery, looking to dive into your food. You want to begin eating, but you can’t. You must wait for a prayer, then say why you are thankful.

“After we are done eating, we have to say 5 things we are grateful for before we can go and eat the candy-corn,” junior Jena Schouten said. “I love Thanksgiving because it’s the time of year where I specifically remember to count my blessings more, even though I should always be counting them.”

Thanksgiving: A short holiday filled with good food, family and a celebration of thankfulness. However, a day of thankfulness is not the only event in Thanksgiving weekend:. There are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days dedicated for the purpose of buying goods that you cannot normally afford. How did these two traditions weave their way into the celebration of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is known as the start of holiday shopping, according to TIME magazine.      During the 19th century, parades were held that gave retailers the opportunity to begin marketing goods. Thanksgiving shopping became more important to retailers during the great depression.

Black Friday began in 1960. The term “Black” was taken from accounting books, back when accountants kept records by hand. Black ink showed the profit that a company made. Prior to the 1960s, the term “Black Friday” represented the panic of the stock market that lead to the crashing of gold prices.  The term Black Friday became adapted because it represented the time of year in which retailers could make a profit. In 2002, Black Friday became the biggest shopping day of the year and remained so, with an exception in 2004.

For Cyber Monday, the history is a little different., which is part of the National Retail Federation, began Cyber Monday. The goal was to create an effect like Black Friday. Although it had many hiccups in the beginning, according to Forbes, Cyber Monday online shopping now surpasses Black Friday in online sales.

However, not everybody shops during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

“It kind of destroys the spirit of the holiday,” junior Justin Banks said. For Banks, Thanksgiving is a time of family reunion and a time for playing board games with his cousin.

“My family, we kind of redefine the holiday,” Banks said. “It’s just being thankful to God for giving us another year of life. Being able to come together, seeing one another. Just the idea of gifts right behind such a sacred time to be around family destroys that atmosphere.”




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