Senior Interviews

Name:  Christina (Van Single) Tacoma

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, MI

Major:  Exercise Science

Favorite Class:  Exercise Physiology & Canadian Literature

Favorite Activity:  Track

Favorite Event:  NC/DC

Next Year’s Plans:  Move to Traverse City, MI, with my husband Andrew (Class of 2010); Basically just spend time job searching after I receive my certification for personal training

Five Years Down the Road:  Personal trainer in Michigan

Name:  Samuel Lee

Hometown:  Korea & Philippines

Major:  Theology: Biblical Studies

Favorite Class:  Old Testament Prophets & Post-Modernism and Calvinism

Favorite Activity:  Campus Ministries

Favorite Event:  Freshman Olympics

Next Year’s Plans:  Calvin Seminary

Five Years Down the Road:  Missionary pastor overseas somewhere



Name:  Kaitlyn Hekstra

Hometown:  Caledonia, MI

Major:  Nursing

Favorite Class:  NURS 390:  Professional Practice

Favorite Activity:  AMOR Liberia

Favorite Event:  GIFT/P&W

Next Year’s Plans:  Hopefully find a job anywhere to pay off loans, buy a house, etc…

Five Years Down the Road:  Career in nursing in Africa

Name:  Stephen Pederson

Hometown:  Gretna, NE

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Class:  CORE 145 (with Fessler) & Control Systems

Favorite Activity:  PLIA (Birmingham, Bozeman, Neon, Toronto)

Favorite Event:  Fiesta & Block Party

Next Year’s Plans:  Full-time staff at a children’s home in Henderson, NE

Five Years Down the Road:  I’m not going to make any plans, but I do know that God has called me to youth ministry, so I’ll be doing that in whichever form it takes.

Name:  Joe Lammers

Hometown:  Denver, CO

Major:  Biology

Favorite Class:  Human Anatomy & Physiology

Favorite Activity:  Soccer and Track

Favorite Event:  PLIA Camden

Next Year’s Plans:  University of Colorado: Denver Physician’s Assistant Graduate Program

Five Years Down the Road:  Practicing as a PA in Denver while snowboarding on the weekends and continuing to beat Donkey Kong over and over again (see picture)

Name:  Hannah Cooper

Hometown:  Brookfield, WI

Major:  Social Work

Favorite Class:  Worldview and Societal Transformation

Favorite Activity:   Intramurals, WOP

Favorite Event:  TX, PLIA, Jr./Sr. Olympics

Next Year’s Plans:  Getting married to a Dutch boy and moving back to Sioux Center.  Living the dream!

Five Years Down the Road:  Using my social work and Spanish by being involved in a community somewhere.

Name: Nicole Scholten

Hometown: Inwood, IA

Major: Elementary Education, Middle School Endorsement

Favorite Class: EDUC 334 Teaching Science

Favorite Activity: Basketball Intramurals

Favorite Event: Performing in TX with my roommate, WOP, NC/DC

Next Year’s Plans: Teach 8th grade science at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis; Most importantly, see where God wants me to be used in teaching and other areas of the city.

Five Years Down the Road: Teaching middle school somewhere in the mountains

Name: Brandon McCracken

Hometown: Tracy, CA

Major: Business Administration

Favorite Class: Core 399: Sex Section

Favorite Activity: Men’s Golf Team

Favorite Event: All-Campus Block Party and Upperclassmen Olympics

Next Year’s Plans: Move to Denver; Work for Brothers Redevelopment

Five Years Down the Road: Living in Denver and doing something awesome with business!

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