Four Brothers broadens Sioux Center’s culinary options

Jenna Stephens—Staff Writer

Four Brothers Bar & Grill recently joined Sioux Center’s list of restaurants, a welcome addition to the community’s limited dining options.

The restaurant officially opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, April 4. It is located just off Highway 75, next to the Holiday Inn and Terrace View Event Center. This is the third Four Brothers restaurant to open in Northwest Iowa, with locations in Le Mars and Sioux City. As the name “Four Brothers” suggests, it is a family-run business.

The Kass family decided to open this location due to the area’s demographics and a push from customers encouraging them to come to Sioux Center.

“There are not a lot of sit-down American cuisine restaurants [in the area],” said Clint Kass, general manager of the Sioux Center location. “To us it felt like a real niche.”

“There aren’t really nice places to go here,” said Greg Plooy, a Dordt senior from California. “Four Brothers is a step in the right direction.”

At Four Brothers, customers can find two different types of dining experiences. High-backed booths and a warm color scheme make for a classy atmosphere in the main part of the restaurant. If they want something less formal, they can grab a stool by the bar or sit at a table near one of the TV’s.

“We’re not a chain,” said Kass. “We try to do a lot of things from scratch.” The restaurant stays away from pre-packaged food. They pride themselves in making their own alfredo and dressings, cutting up fresh vegetables and preparing meals in-house and to-order.

The restaurant did not host a grand opening event, but rather relied on word-of-mouth to spread the news. The restaurant is still in the “limited” opening phase as staffers undergo training. The menu is limited at this time, but as the restaurant establishes itself, the menu will continue to grow. For now, some of the highlights on the menu are their Southwest Spring Rolls and the Twisted Brother Burger.

Plooy dined at Four Brothers soon after it opened. He said his food was good, but he probably would not go there for dinner often because it was relatively expensive.

“But they’ve got a good beer selection, so I like that,” he said.

As the end of the semester approaches and commencement draws many visitors to Sioux Center, Four Brothers must prepare for one of the busiest times of the year for local restaurants.

“I think there’s a lot of energy and vibrant people around,” Kass said. “It’s exciting, and there’s definitely a vibe here in Sioux Center.”

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