Dordt screens four short films

Zachary Sanford–Staff Writer

Endless editing hours, countless cuts, four movies, one award:

The Short Film class showed a film, and three Senior Projects were on display here at Dordt.



Photo By: Zachary Sanford

The Short Film class presented their motion pictures Mon. Dec 11th, in the Campus Center. A big crowd came to support the film making class and their hit performances. The Fruited Plain hosted the premier of “Echoes”, directed by Aaron Radtke, and “Go Up In Smoke”, directed by Ellen Dengah.


SB 1606 showed all three short films. “Echoes”, “Go Up In Smoke”, and “Geminos”.

“You’re Invited”, directed by Jake Brouwer, was a surprise birthday party gone wrong from the very beginning. As the main character was drugged from a cupcake and hauled around in the back of a van the party goers covered in masks had an abundant miss happenings that spoiled the party plans.

Main character woke-up in the van, suspecting she was in danger, she ran. She stumbles into the party, and out only to be hit by a passing car. This film provided stellar chase scenes and comedy at laid back cuts.

“Go Up In Smoke”, directed by Ellen Dengah, this film was an insightful depiction of a man who’s daughter wants to get married, the man having flashbacks of his marriage life and his struggle with smoking, discourages his daughter. The theme of smoking is prevalent in the film and can refer to fall of man.

“I feel good, people were kind,” said senior Ellen Dengah. “A feeling of gratitude for everybody who helped me out. The feedback is really helpful and I’m very thankful for the people who believe in me.”

“Echoes”, directed by Aaron Radtke, shows a character who hears voices calling his name. He goes to a party and meets his friend who turns out to be after his life. The main character gets chased by party goers’, while hearing voices calling him. After his friend and he fight, he wakes up in a hospital room next to his girlfriend. On the TV he sees his friend who caused a car accident.

“The filming itself was the biggest hurdle,” said senior Aaron Radtke. “Doing this myself was a pretty big deal. It is complete, on my own, but with immense help. I will want to do more editing before sending it off to short film festivals.”

“Geminos”, directed by Lucas Simonson, is about a girl who just can’t find what’s wrong with her. A scientist working on Project Geminos has cloned his daughter. The girl finds out she is not one of a kind but instead died and cloned multiple times after failed attempts.

“I always want to surprise my audience,” said senior Lucas Simonson.” I’m gonna send it off and hopefully win some awards.” Some of the submissions the these film festivals cost money. The directors will have to raise money if they want to send in their tapes.

“Working on these by themselves from beginning to end is impressive and I’m very proud of them,” said Digital Media Prof. Mark Volkers. “Watching them from freshman year not knowing how work a lot of things to now is really good. They are good students.”

Adam Ter Haar was the recipient of a first year award: The Golden Adam. He won the award for starring in all four films. He is studying Criminal Justice and Social Work.

Even though Ter Haar is not a film major, his heavy involvement in the films of friends who are provided him with an award.


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