Leaves are falling, boots are calling

There are three F’s on the typical male’s list of priorities: faith, football, and females. The order is dependent on the individual. There is only one F on the typical woman: footwear. Walk around campus and you’ll see that every girl’s outfit is somewhat dependent on the shoes she is wearing. That is, you can always tell what a woman is up to by the shoes she is wearing. Gladiator sandals: headed to class. Flip flops: running late for class. Pumps: Sioux Falls/City for dinner. Tennis shoes: going to the gym at three to watch the basketball boys shoot around. You see, for women, shoes are the most important thing. I was once told, “Good shoes take you good places.”

Before leaving for Europe I was told that I would regret not packing tennis shoes with all the traveling I’d be doing. Sure, I’d look like a typical tourist, but at least I’d be comfortable; I needed “good” shoes. Shortly after, I was browsing Pinterest and found a quote about packing: lay out all the clothes and all the money you want to take, then pack half the clothes and twice the money. Unfortunately, money doesn’t reproduce on the spot, but packing half as many clothes was easy. Now the real question: where does shoe packing fit into this?

Generally speaking, spring break attire includes bikinis for the babes, tanks for the bros, and flip flops for all. When packing a backpack for nine days of traveling the countries along the Mediterranean Sea, it’s not about “what’s in.” It’s about what’s practical. As a ‘Merican, I’d be ashamed to admit I didn’t pack my Pumas, Old Navy flip flops, and cowboy boots. Truth be told, only the Pumas even made it across the Atlantic with me. Sorry, Midwesterners, but there’s nothing practical about mediocre cowboy boots or 2 for $5 flip-flops from Old Navy. There’s no way my Charlotte Russe boots could have handled hiking in the Alps in between me and the caves I wandered in in Switzerland.

Whoever said beauty is pain clearly never embraced the true fall fashion. There’s nothing painful about oversized mustard sweaters, brown mesh skirts, leggings, and beige boots. Heck, in Europe, they bike in these outfits with ease and comfort. Nothing excites me more than being able to wear my oh-so-comfortable boots and oversized sweaters and scarves, while sipping an overly-dark cup of coffee. Think about it, ladies. You’re running late for class. Jazz up the outfit with a pair of boots and a scarf. Heading out to Sioux Falls? There’s a pair of boots for that, too. Going to the gym to watch the basketball boys shoot around? I’d recommend going for a bike ride instead. It’s better for your health and the smell and scenery is much more pleasant in the great outdoors. And boots are great for that too. Embrace the fall weather. Bust out the boots and scarves like it’s no one’s business.

Jennifer Van Der Hoek, Columnist

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