Digital media students travel to Vegas

Ian MacDonald — Staff writer Last week, students in Dordt University’s digital media major joined professor Mark Volkers on a trip to Las Vegas to visit the number one digital software convention in the United States. This convention is called the NAB Show, or the National Association of Broadcasters convention. At the show were state-of-the-art camera equipment, editing software, film making sets, and so much more. Companies like Canon, Panasonic, DJI, Avid, and Adobe had their own “booths,” each of which took up a large room. They set up equipment to show the new improvements they had made to their products that year. At times, the convention offered sit-in lectures where people could listen to different editors and creators on what products they use and their philosophy on their specific field. Volkers and the participating students met after church on Sunday to drive to Omaha catch a flight to Las Vegas. Their two-day adventure concluded when they got back on Tuesday around 5 p.m.. Everyone paid a range of $500-600 for the round-trip plane tickets plus the hotel stay. As the group arrived at Polo Towers Hotel, they settled in for what would be a long Monday at the convention center. The convention lasted April 13-17, but the group managed to squeeze a four- day convention into one day. The convention center was open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Drew DeVries is one of the students who went on this trip. He believed this experience was important to expose students to how equipment is changing in their field and let them know about a variety of companies that they may work with in the future. “Being in Sioux Center, Iowa, it is hard to understand how advanced media is becoming and how much high-tech equipment is out there.” DeVries said. Not only does the NAB show familiarize students with the ins and outs of different technology companies, but also with the industry that they are going into. They can connect with different creators and editors who could be a reference to a job in the future. Quintin Olson, another student on the trip, was fascinated with how much equipment there actually was. One of his favorite parts of the convention was the documentary film session they took part in. They listened to Stephen McGee on some of the work he has done and what documentary films and what films in general mean to him and the audience. “It was amazing to see someone as passionate as you about your field. I probably could have listened to him talk for hours,” Olson said. The trip didn’t end after the convention, however. After they were done, the group walked around the Las Vegas strip and did some sightseeing. They saw hotels such as Caesars Palace and the Venetian. They also saw expensive shops and restaurants along the way. When they were done for the day, the digital media majors made their way back to their hotel and got some rest before their trip back to Sioux Center. Photo credit: Drew DeVries 

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