Main street follow-up

Mikaela Wegner — Co-editor

I left off last issue holding ice cream while walking home in the cold. But I made it back, no sicknesses were caught, and no overnight tickets were given.

For those who read about my Sunday Night Blues two weeks ago, I’m happy to announce some Friday Afternoon Irony recently made my day.

“Excited to share that Highway 75 reconstruction will begin in a few weeks in Sioux Center,” The City of Sioux Center Communications emailed the Dordt Diamond on March 24. “This project, designed around safety, function, and showcasing the community’s character, will transform 2.5 miles of roadway (both a U.S. Highway and Sioux Center’s main street).”

Dordt University students can plan to see construction signs in the beginning of April, with a newly-paved 13th Street and 2nd Ave opening mid-summer (near Sioux County Livestock). From there, the nitty gritty construction on the east side of Highway 75 will begin next fall.

So, there were two wins for me this week. The first was learning that in a year from now, Indiana Jones is thankfully going to stay in Disney parks and out of Sioux Center. Second, I had a moment of fame thinking, “People actually do read our newspaper!”

All in all, I guess we actually are pretty lucky to be going to school in Northwest Iowa where they care that even the streets “showcase the community’s character.”

I think that’s pretty rare.

Photo credit: City of Sioux Center

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