A bite of warm change

Emma Bennett — Staff writer

Sometimes, when we’re embedded in the monotony of school and it feels like the grind will never end, a change is exactly what the doctor ordered. Sometimes, it requires something big, like a switch up in routine or getting rid of bad habits. Other times, however, you just need something small that tastes good. That is why I appreciate the Grille and their Sub of the Month. Here is my opinion of the current sandwich: the meatball sub.

After I got the sandwich and opened it up, I noticed how enticing it smelled. The savory meat-and-tomato scent that wafted up to me was delightful, and I was immediately excited to dig in. The first bite was warm and pleasing, with the sauce not coming across as overpowering or too strong. I ordered the sandwich on wheat bread, which I think was the right move, because it added balance of the tangy tomato and the “creaminess” of the meat.

As I kept eating, I wondered if there was supposed to be any cheese on the sub, because I could not taste any. Then I took a bite and got a cheese pull to rival any foodie’s cooking video. I understand that tomato has a strong flavor in comparison to mozzarella, but I can’t help but wish for more presence from the cheese.

When I had about a quarter of the sandwich to go, I realized that I had eaten all the meatballs. All that was left was tomato paste on wheat. It was a little saddening, especially since I was enjoying the sandwich so much. I understand that it is not fair to compare a sandwich made at a university to a fast-food place like Jimmy John’s or Firehouse Subs, where that’s all they do all day, but I do not think I’m being too snobbish when saying that having equal parts of all ingredients on a sub is desirable, if not expected.

Overall, despite my little nit picks, the meatball sub was really nice. I enjoyed the break from the regular cold wraps in the fridge, and I would have no issue ordering it again when its time comes back around.

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