Upcoming women’s ministry events

Gracie Campbell – Staff writer 

Women’s ministry has an important role on Dordt University’s campus. Women’s ministry organized multiple events last semester, and have more coming up in the next months for the women on campus. 

Freshman English major Olivia Dahl has found community in past women’s ministry events. 

“I feel like women’s ministry does a really good job of coming up with activities that people will enjoy,” Dahl said. 

She has noticed that the events held on campus have brought a lot of women together in community. 

“Whenever they have speaking at these events, it’s always spot on – things that I know a lot of people are struggling with,” Dahl said. 

The women’s ministry team has put together four events spread out over the rest of the semester. These events are specifically planned around community. Gail Ashmore, pastoral care assistant and faculty sponsor of women’s ministry at Dordt, noticed a lot of people struggling with loneliness. 

“We really wanted to create events that reflect belonging with God and others,” Ashmore said. “We want students to have a space of belonging.” 

Due to other events this semester, the women’s ministry has yet to hold its own gathering. The theme last semester centered around identity, though this semester is not focused on a central theme. 

The first event, titled “Grafted,” took place Friday, March 31 from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Terrace Room. This event focused on encouraging girls with body image. There was worship, opportunities to pray and receive truth, and discussions to help understand identity in a community. 

The next event, “In the Light,” will be held on April 12. This is a return event from last year, where students can visit different stations dedicated to working with clay, painting canvases, journaling, and more. 

The team invited some women from the community to speak at Dordt on April 27. These women will share encouragement for the girls on Dordt’s campus and go deeper into personal testimonies. They will examine what it looks like to commune with God in differing stages of life. 

The last event for women’s ministry will be on May 8. This event will be a brunch served by women of the community instead of Dordt Dining. The community will bring homemade food before exams begin, and the event gives women the opportunity to eat with others and receive prayer. 

“In this semester, we’re just trying to be present wherever we can for students,” Ashmore said. “Our goal with women’s ministry is that it’s always a space to commune with God and commune with others, to have a space to belong.” 

Ashmore suggests getting plugged in and connected to events by filling out a connect card and signing up for the email list. Another way to check event schedules and upcoming times is the Instagram page @duwomensministry. Posters are occasionally hung around campus as well. 

“If you’re wondering whether you should go or not, you should probably just go,” Dahl said. “The [events] are always a good time. I find myself meeting more people at them…it’s a good opportunity to have conversations with people who you don’t normally interact with or see on your daily schedule.” 

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