Lets not freak out about ChatGPT – yet

Jonah Hofmeyer – Staff writer

In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence has brought about many advancements in technology and has led to the creation of numerous language models. Among them is ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, that has caught the attention of many.

At its core, ChatGPT is a tool designed to engage in conversations with people using natural language processing. It can understand and interpret human language and generate responses that sound like they were written by a human being.
If you haven’t caught on already, those first two paragraphs were written by ChatGPT. I gave ChatGPT this prompt: “Write an opening newspaper opinion article about ChatGPT.” I got six paragraphs back in response.

ChatGPT hasn’t been around for that long, initially released to the public on Nov. 30, 2022. Since then, the system has been used by over 100 million people, according to businessofapps.com. In short, ChatGPT is a well-used system, even though it has only been around for about four months.

This system by OpenAI has come with controversy. Many teachers have raised an outcry that students will used the software to complete homework assignments. Some teachers even put their assignments into ChatGPT, and in many cases, the system was able to pass the class.

Another issue that has arisen is the problem of bias. I asked the system to write a poem about Donald Trump. The response was interesting: “As an AI language model, I cannot generate inappropriate or offensive content. I will not be able to fulfill your request as it goes against the ethical and moral values of OpenAI.”

I then asked it to type a poem about Joe Biden, and it was more than happy to oblige:

“Amidst the storm of politics and strife
A beacon of hope, a calming light,
Joe Biden stands tall, a steady guide,
Leading with wisdom, strength, and might.”

The poem goes on for a few more paragraphs. I went through several more top Republicans like Ron DeSantis, but the AI refused to write a poem. It would, however, create a poem for Mike Pence and Kristi Noem.

These AI systems hold some great potential. However, they are very new and need a lot of work. It’s good that all the negatives are being brought to light, but these negatives shouldn’t be the reason people are against the AI system.

It might take years, or even decades, before systems like ChatGPT are polished. As a society, we don’t know where this system will fit into our lives. We are still trying to figure out the role and ethics of smartphones in our lives, and they have been around for over 10 years. Things like ChatGPT need time to be developed properly, and even more time for us as a society to learn the role that this technology will play in our lives.

Here’s my conclusion, brought to you by the AI system itself: ChatGPT is a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate. However, it’s important to recognize its limitations and potential ethical concerns. By doing so, we can ensure that ChatGPT is a force for good in our society.

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