A new muffin makes its appearance

Sofia Bouma — Staff writer

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I make a stop at the Bunsen Brew before my 8 a.m. class, hoping for caffeine to serve as sustenance. I must admit that I’m not really a muffin gal–I’d much rather take my chances on the Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwiches sitting behind the glass. But a few Thursdays ago, when I went to order my usual black coffee, something was different. A new, slightly unassuming muffin sat next to the usual poppyseed and blueberry selections.

Although I didn’t go for the muffin at first, I discovered upon further investigation that this was indeed a new addition to the Bunsen Brew’s muffin collection: the chocolate cream cheese muffin. I was excited to return eventually to purchase it; I’d never gotten the chance to try the pumpkin cream cheese flavor the Bunsen featured back in October. When I asked my friend what the muffin tasted like she said, “It tastes exactly like what you’d expect,” so naturally, I needed to know if this appraisal was correct.

So, last Thursday, I went to the Bunsen Brew for my black coffee, and, after a moment’s hesitation, added the chocolate cream cheese muffin to my order. The muffin came out from behind the glass piping hot, chocolate chips just warm enough to be melty. I stuck a fork in the muffin to prepare it for the five-minute journey to the classroom building and went on my way.

When I got to my class, I set down my coffee and muffin, took off my coat, and had a seat. The girl next to me said, “That smells so good!” so I thought my appraisal of the muffin was off to a good start. I have to say, my friend’s brief overview regarding the muffin was correct. The chocolate cream cheese muffin tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to.

The chocolate part of the muffin tastes like the regular chocolate muffin the Bunsen Brew sells, and I have to say that I’m a fan of it. The chocolate flavor is rich, without being overwhelming in its sweetness. And as I mentioned earlier, the chocolate chips in the muffin were just warm enough to melt. The only downside to this aspect of the muffin is the potential mess it can cause if one does not have the foresight to retrieve napkins. Unfortunately, I happened to be one of those people, so I left a couple chocolate smudges on my notes–I’m sorry, professor Kuiper.

The cream cheese aspect of the muffin is where my controversial opinions reside. I may have a negative bias because I don’t think cream cheese belongs in baked goods other than in the form of frosting atop a cupcake. But even if I was partial to cream cheese, I would still take issue with it in this muffin. Though the heat was enough to melt the chocolate chips, it left the cream cheese still cold and hard within the baked good. I didn’t enjoy the difference in temperatures between the components of the muffin, or the density of the cream cheese within it.

So, in conclusion, the chocolate cream cheese muffin tastes exactly like you’d think it would–a big chunk of cold cream cheese in the middle of a melty chocolate muffin. Next time I go to the Bunsen Brew, I’ll probably stick to a breakfast sandwich or the tried and true poppyseed muffin. But if you like muffins and chocolate and aren’t opposed to the concept of cream cheese in baked goods, I would recommend giving this muffin a try–it may be your new favorite.

Photo credit: Sofia Bouma

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