Broadway and Desserts and NC/DC collide

Emma Bennett — Staff writer

There is something so exhilarating about watching someone perform. Whether it be a band, an orchestra, or a vocal group, any philosophy professor or café owner will tell you nothing beats a live performance. That is one of the reasons why events such as Broadway and Desserts and NC/DC are so popular: some members of the Dordt community get an opportunity to show off their musical skills, while the rest get to enjoy a fun, energetic show put on by their friends. It is important that each event is respected, both for the sake of the performers and the show-goers. Typically, they are scheduled on separate nights.

Unfortunately, this year is an exception. The events are both slated for Feb. 11.

The Dordt concert choir performs Broadway and Desserts as a charity event, committing not only to singing but also to cleanup afterwards, which has taken upwards of an hour in the past. When the choir is only worried about one event, this is not an issue. However, when interim choir director Robert Hobgood made the announcement to the choir, those who had planned to participate in NC/DC immediately raised their concerns. Not wanting to deprive the students of an opportunity to participate in both events, Hobgood emailed Dean of Students Derek Buteyn about the situation that weekend, hoping to find a compromise. However, Hobgood informed the choir the following Monday that “because of the scope and scale of both events, it’s really impossible to reschedule” and implored the members to make do.

Nevertheless, the denial was not given without reasons.

“Part of [the inability to move Broadway and Desserts] had to do with Dordt Dining and just making sure that we gave them ample time,” senior Kara Jasper said. “They also have to coordinate with the music department in terms of what events are on which weekends, and the fact that we had started advertising late.”

Fortunately, there is still a small window of opportunity to those who are committed to both events. Broadway and Desserts starts at 7:30 p.m., while NC/DC starts at 9 p.m., leaving an estimated thirty-minute window for students to clean up and head to the BJ Haan, barring any extended time during the event or mingling afterwards. Regardless, it is still possible.

“I know of one member who is doing both [events] and she switched which committee she was on to help to the beginning so she could leave when she needed to,” Jasper said.

Despite trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation, members are understandably disappointed.

“Me and some of my friends wanted to do both, but we ended up not doing NC/DC because of the extra stress it created,” senior Lael Bervig said. “I thought it was a tough situation and that maybe student’s voices weren’t perhaps heard in a proactive way, but again, it was a tough situation to deal with.”

This year, NC/DC is especially exciting because of the return of Northwestern College to participate and compete against Dordt students, which has not happened since COVID. This adds extra complications for students rushing over from Broadway and Desserts since seating will be limited.

“I am disheartened by it, and I wish [Hobgood and Buteyn] had talked to each other about it,” Kara Jasper said. “But we recognize the importance of doing Broadway and Desserts and not wanting to fall back on that commitment.”

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