What to do over Christmas break

Abi Wegner — Staff Writer

As of Dec. 21, Dordt students will be on Christmas break for the remainder of 2022. While this is a highly anticipated time for rest, relaxation, and a break from the pressures of schoolwork, often boredom can creep in and inhibit a person from enjoying the break that can fly by.

Phrases like “I’m bored,” “There’s nothing to do,” and “It’s too cold outside,” can ruin the fun holiday mentality and limit people to dread this long-awaited holiday. Thankfully, there are ways in which to cure this winter boredom.

One productive way students can keep busy at the end of this semester is by preparing for the next one. While it is important to take time to rest and let the mind have a break from the constant movement of the school year, students should consider how they can best prepare for their classes ahead.

Students can organize their daily schedules and anticipate how their next course load will look. During the chaos of finals and the mental toll students have endured over the week, often the focus is not how tidy one’s room is. Winter break is the perfect time to reorganize and clean one’s living space in order to better prepare for the next semester.

The most popular way people like to spend their holidays is spending time with family. There’s no wonder people often make this a huge holiday priority, seeing as the winter and Christmas season is a time to be thankful and joyous about the family and friends in a person’s life.

Staying on residence at Dordt makes it difficult for students to connect with family in person during the school year, especially when they are far away from home; this makes it even more crucial to create bonds and set aside time on Christmas break for loved ones.

Whether the family decides to bake cookies, have a movie marathon, or call distant relatives, activities are always better with the people you love.

It’s also important to get outside and be active.It may be difficult to find time to enjoy the outdoors in the winter cold, but it is crucial for students to experience the fresh air in nature.

Students can go for a walk, try hiking, go skating, snowboarding, or skiing. It is even fun to grab some friends or little cousins and go sledding for the afternoon, especially if it is accompanied by warm hot chocolate afterwards.

Another great way to spend a winter break is by reflecting on the past year and making goals for the new one. By sitting down and thinking about how one has spent their time or how they have acted this past year, they are able to grow as a person and create a deeper understanding of who they are.

Many people also encourage setting New Year’s resolutions for 2023. Starting new seasons of life can be very exciting, and it is important to take advantage of creating a new self.

Of course, not everyone follows through on the resolutions they set out for themselves, but setting goals isn’t about being perfect in achieving them, but rather continually working to get better, and not giving up when failure hits.

As Dordt students are given these 22 days off from their studies, they are encouraged to be productive in their lifestyle in order to better themselves and the years to come, but it is most important to remember to rest and let one’s mind and body have a break too.

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