Dordt gaming guild tabletop war game event

Emma Bennett — Staff Writer

In the world of gaming, there are few experiences more thrilling than strategy. The excitement of visualizing an outcome and preparing for it, followed by the thrill of success and domination has drawn people in for decades. Since the Dordt University Gaming Guild tries its best to have something available for every type of gamer, there are numerous strategy games available, including the sub-genre known as tabletop war games. That is why, on Nov. 18 at 7:00 p.m., Seniors Jacob Toole, Jacob Olthoff and Caleb Hoke hosted an event to try out several different war games. There was also a prize raffle and snacks.

This type of strategy game, while similar to its counterparts like Risk, uses dice and figurines to play. It is unique in the fact that the set is constructed by the player.

“My favorite thing (about tabletop games) is the magic of getting to experience a taste of history through tiny little men and set I made using whatever I have lying around,” Toole said.

Usually, games like these can last for hours at a time, but this event includes a rotation through the different games, so that players can get a sense of each one without having to commit to one. The games at the event were as follows:

What a Tanker! —Featured WWII tank combat, where you use dice and tanks to engage in battle with other players.

Chain of Command—Also set in WWII, this game focuses on the actions of platoons of foot soldiers, as well as utilizing extra support like tanks and snipers. The unique feature of this game, however, is the importance of Force Morale; forcing your opponent’s moral down is an assured route to victory in a typical play-to-win session.

Live Free or Die—Moving away from the Second World War, this game takes place during the American Revolutionary War. This game has the actions of famous leaders take a strong role in the outcome of the game.

Wings of Glory—Back to WWII, this game focuses on victories to be had in the air. The innovation is derived from the novel firepower and flying abilities of the different planes, leading to an experience that is easy to grasp and fun to play.

Ravenfeast—Changing the environment completely, this game is set in the Viking Age, complete with armor stats and attack types that change depending on distance from the opponent.

The main goal of the event, in addition to learning about and playing some cool games, is to have fun.

“[This event] is about building a community through shared interests,” Toole said. “There are some people that have taken an interest in this that I didn’t know at all at the beginning of the year.”

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