Who is representing you?

Sara Hofer — Staff Writer

Candidates ran, students casted their votes, and the results from the 2022-23 Dordt University Student Government elections have arrived.

Each senator represents a distinct group on campus, and they come from a variety of residence halls and majors. They present issues, ideas, and insights on what students think needs to change and improve.

Trey Engen, student body president, has been preparing for this year’s election and is looking forward to working with the newly elected senators.

“Our primary goal is to represent students,” Engen said. “We provide insight on what we think needs to change and share what is happening around each area of campus.”

For the past few years, students have placed their votes on Canvas. The page includes the list of clubs on campus, forms to propose a new club, and a form students can fill out with comments, questions, or concerns they may have for Student Government.

“We are the in-between for students and faculty on issues that are important to students,” Engen said.

At state institutions such as Iowa State or the University of Iowa, student governments work a bit differently. Both require an interview process along with other applications.

At the University of Iowa, two people create a campaign together to be elected as President and Vice President. It also has two different types of senatorial campaigns. One campaign runs for the generalized student senate and the other runs for a constituency-based senate for more specific populations of students, such as international students.

Iowa State University’s student government, on the other hand, includes an executive, legislative, and judicial branch that students run and campaign for.

One of student government’s biggest benefits is bringing in different groups of people to present issues to faculty with diverse views, implications, and ideas to promote continual improvement of Dordt.

“Over the past five years, student government has become more legitimate to faculty. They see us as a voice of the student body to provide them with a good update of what is happening on campus,” Engen said. “Without faculty support behind us, we really can’t accomplish much.”

Students can be involved by providing insight or concerns on issues they are passionate about. Sharing questions or overall thoughts on occurrences happening on campus provides a way for Dordt to continue growing as a community. Students can do this by filling out an online form on the Canvas page or talking to their designated representative.

The 2022-23 Dordt University Student Government:

Executive Cabinet: • President: Trey Engen • Vice President: Bryce Enger • Treasurer: Emmaline Baas • Communications Director: Ellie Brouwer

Student Senate: • Education Senator: Bethany Ten Haken • Engineering Senator: Bennet Marstall • Humanities Senator: Andrew VanNieuwenhuyzen • Natural Sciences Senator: Anna Rediger • Nursing Senator: Emily Zuidema • Two-Year Degree Senator: Nathaniel Bervig • Social Sciences Senator: Isabel Pfeifer • Covenant Hall Senator: Sara Hofer • East Hall Senator: Logan Woodruff • North Hall Senator: Sam Zylstra • West Hall Senator: Elizabeth Lindquist • Residence Life Senator: Regan Syverson • International Students Senator: Anna De Oliveira • Campus Ministries Senator: Grace Winnes • At-Large Senator: Simon Dykstra • At-Large Senator: Joya Breems

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