Women’s golf starts out swinging

Gracie Campbell — Staff Writer

Dordt University Women’s Golf teed off the first few weeks of school with two tournaments. The team tied for six out of 11 places at Dordt’s course in their Sept. 18 match.

Rachel Bostwick led the team, tying for fourth place in the competition.

“We want these girls to grow a passion for golf,” Jon Crane, head coach of men and women’s golf, said. “We expect them to be all in and enthusiastic for their sport.”

To be all in requires commitment: players must balance almost every day, qualifying rounds for tournaments, travel, and the tournaments themselves, while still managing their time to perform well in classes and on the course.

“It takes a lot of balance,” sophomore Kerri Kroeze said. “The professors are awesome at working with you, but I have to work hard with the time that I have. Golf is also such a mental game that you have to be intentional keeping school pressures off the course.”

In managing academic and athletic success, the women’s golf team tries to keep an encouraging and laid-back environment. This year, they are reading a book together, The Christian Athlete, to grow spiritually as a team. The devotional teaches how to combat struggles on the course: from the weather to the mental challenges in playing an individual game.

“It comes down to you and the course,” freshman Katherine Beekman said. “I’m excited to improve my game under good coaching and the Christian community.”

The Brian Eekhoff Golf Facility is equipped with Flight Scope X3 Launch Monitors, a putting area, and an athlete lounge the team will use on and off season.

“The new golf facility will help elevate our game through the offseason,” Crane said. “It gives us an advantage ahead of the spring season.”

The women’s golf team will compete next in Salina, Kansas at the Central Plains Invite on Sept. 26.

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