Literary Dairy now open in Orange City

Libby Bandelin – Staff Writer

Stepping onto century old creaky, wood floors, hearing the 50s jazz, and beholding an ice-cream counter reminiscent of an old soda fountain, customers are transported back to a simpler time. A place to get people back to their roots, leave their worries at the doorstep and remember their childhood.

Literary Dairy is a dream ten years in the making.

“It started off as a lark,” Owner and CEO Scott Buchholtz said.

The recently-retired elementary teacher and his wife, Cappie Buchholtz, spent their free-time traveling to National Parks and visiting mom-and-pop ice cream shops, joking about one day starting their own – except their ice cream shop would also have a children’s bookstore.

Flashforward to June 17, 2022, when their dream became reality.

“Every step of the way God has opened doors,” Mr. Buchholtz said. “The hardest part has been predicting the unknown and navigating the unfamiliar as a new business owner – like when there is a slow crowd in the late afternoon.”

“My wife asks if I’ve prayed about it yet and I’m reminded to trust in God, not to stress out about it and hHe’ll take care of the rest.” Buchholtz continued, “God has come through every step of the way, I know this is where hHe wants me to be.”

Now, three months since opening, the Literary Dairy has expanded from its initial combination of children’s books and ice cream to include an adult lender’s library, a lunch-menu offering pizza and paninis, and most recently over 50 combinations of handcrafted shakes from farm-fresh Stensland Family ice cream. They now have plans for a dinner menu, but that is contingent on hiring more staff.

“The whole vibe of the place is to provide a spot for families to have fun and make memories,” Scott said. “Everyone is welcome.”

Besides sweets and books, the Buchholtz’s also want to host board game and trivia nights in the future. Literary Dairy presently offers a 10 percent discount to anyone with a college student-ID.

“Ice cream may not change the world,” Scott said. “But it may make your day a little bit brighter.”

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