Farewell, so long: Farewell, Diamond lads

Gretchen Lee—Copy Editor

The Diamond has been many things for me—a relaxing few hours every week of correcting grammar, a place to share my thoughts about films, an opportunity to connect with others on campus, and a way for me to advocate for Dordt‘s agriculture program. 

I’ve truly enjoyed the way this newspaper has pushed my journalism skills and helped me grow into a stronger writer and more critical moviegoer. 

In short, this publication has been very important to me over the last three years, and I hope the next generation of writers will have the same experiences I have had and will continue to push themselves and each other to participate in good, Christian journalism.

Thank you, to everyone who has made my journey here pleasant, from the regular readers of my movie reviews to the other members of The Diamond staff. I encourage new and continuing writers to keep doing good work and to keep that good work free of comma splices.

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