Farewell, so long: Use your voice

Corina Beimers—Staff Writer

Last year, I wrote my first article for The Diamond, an op-ed on Daunte Wright’s death. I submitted it anonymously. I was so scared to share my writing. 

If someone told me back then I’d be a staff writer and consistently publish articles for Dordt University’s campus to read, I would’ve called them crazy. 

When asked to write for The Diamond, I took a big step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had many, many moments while writing where I felt inadequate, wondering who allowed me to publish articles. 

However, I’ve also experienced moments where I’m proud of myself for trying something new, something unknown. It’s in these places where we grow. 

This year, I learned a lot about writing and, specifically, journalism. Yet, my biggest takeaways don’t have anything to do with proper pronouns or AP Style, but rather my discovery of writing’s power. 

The Diamond gave me a voice I often haven’t had the confidence to use. It showed me how journalism gives a voice to the voiceless and sounds a call for change. 

As I graduate, I’d like to say this: Whatever you‘re doing, whether it be journalism or anything else, don’t be afraid to use your voice and use it for good. 

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