Morbius: Marvel’s twilight

Staff Writer—Anna de Oliveira 

After waiting two years for Marvel’s first vampire movie, Morbius released Friday, April 1. The flim depicts a doctor, Michael Morbius, who suffers from a blood disorder and has dedicated his life to saving others from his fate. Morbius makes a gamble resulting in a cure and repercussions 

All in all, Morbius provides entertainment. It contains action, mystery and, of course, a little romance. 

Before I watched the film, several people emphasized to me its unrealistic nature, which worsened my watching experience. 

Critics believe Morbius to be worse. Currently, it sits at 16 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Mark Kennedy, a writer, editor, and critic for the Associated Press, called Morbius “forgettable” and “laughable,” condemning it as “Sony’s attempt to fill its own Spider-Man-adjacent cinematic universe” as well as “a poorly edited, derivative time suck – pun intended.” 

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Opposingly, journalist and filmmaker Bilge Ebiri said, “Morbius has no reason to exist as an actual movie, but maybe that’s why it worked for me… the film itself, the one that plays until those end-credits start to roll, is surprisingly fun, a picture that can just kind of be whatever the heck it wants.”

Despite the scathing press reviews, I left the movie pleasantly surprised (although if you are someone who is squeamish around needles, practice caution for the first thirty minutes of the movie). My friends and I whispered about the different details, as well as the incredible filming locations and camera movements.

There are many important themes discussed in the movie, such as friendship, morals, and loyalty. But plot holes litter the movie’s storyline, plot holes that don’t exist in the comic story of Morbius. So, those unfamiliar with Morbius as a character will struggle to keep up.

The brevity of the film shocks watchers. Those used to superhero movies have become used to longer movies, but this 90-minute storyline proved smart for Sony and Marvel. 

The comic book movie megacompany could have included extra content from the comics, but chose to introduce a new villain and prepare the world for an exciting new phase of the multiverse. 

Unfortunately, this movie relied on cheesy tropes. In all honesty, I found myself cringing several times throughout the film. When it ended, I overheard someone in the theatre say, “[That was] a perfect combination of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight.”

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