Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit campus

Lexi Schnaser—Staff Writer

Dordt University has hosted a number politicians over the last half-decade. On Wednesday, April 13, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will add to the list of Dordt’s political visitors. 

Daniel Moe, student body president, has communicated with the former secretary’s team and helped organize the event. 

In January, Pompeo’s team reached out to President Hoekstra’s office, letting him know the former Secretary of State had expressed interest in visiting Dordt University. Hoekstra handed the decision to Moe to determine if an event would benefit the campus community.

 Since then, Moe has overseen  the communicating and brainstorming of the event with the help of Professor of Political Science Jeff Taylor, Professor of Criminal Justice Jon Moeller, and Professor of Criminal Justice and Business Administration Donald Roth.

For the size of Dordt’s campus, a considerable number of high-ranking political figures that have made campaign stops over the years. 

To name a few, nearly all the GOP presidential candidates visited during the 2016 election cycle, including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson. 

In 2019, Dordt and the Andreas Center hosted the Presidential Politics Conference of Iowa, a meeting of scholars focused on leadership for the common good in presidential elections and presidencies. This conference included appearances from John Inazu of Washington University, Michael Wear of the AND Campaign, and Tulsi Gabbard, then a Democratic presidential candidate. 

In 2020, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited Dordt to tour the Pro-Tech program. 

Moe thinks Dordt’s location helps draw these politicians to campus. 

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“Historically, Iowa has been a crucial place for presidential politics and has often been a battleground state, a combination of which tends to draw political figures to the area who either have aspirations themselves or who want to help support other political leaders or platforms in the area,” Moe said. “The people of Northwest Iowa also tend to be very politically engaged, so it is always a worthwhile and enjoyable stop for many figures. I also believe many faculty and staff at Dordt have unique connections that can help draw leaders in the public arena to campus, which is really great for our students.”

Pompeo has been involved in politics for many years. First representing Kansas’s fourth congressional district from 2011-2017, he was appointed to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2017. 

Then, Pompeo served as Secretary of State to President Trump from 2018-2021.

The former secretary will give a brief address on Christian leadership and geopolitical issues and answer questions in SB1606 at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13. 

“I want to encourage anyone, regardless of political affiliation and whether they are interested in politics or not, to take a short time out of their day to join that discussion and take advantage of this unique opportunity,” Moe said. “The current geopolitical climate has a host of exciting opportunities and daunting challenges, and it is crucial that Christians are involved in addressing them, and this is one unique chance for the Dordt community to engage directly with someone who has been at the forefront of these issues.”

One response to “Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit campus

  1. I am very disappointed in that list of visiting politicians. As an alum of Dordt I am saddened that the only perspective cultivated seems to be that of the ultra right vision of politics.


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