Sioux Center Public Library checks out resources for community

Tabetha DeGroot – Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Tabetha DeGroot

The Sioux Center Public Library bustles with activity on a frozen, February afternoon. Grade-school kids come from their early-outs and occupy the computers in the center of the library. Others sit in the kids section, reading books. A little girl reads to a service dog named Stanley in the corner. Some 

senior citizens sit in the back, sipping coffee and flipping through newspapers. In the meeting rooms, Lego Club takes place, where kids build structures from either instructions or their imaginations. This colorful, life-filled setting contrasts the grey world outside, and it’s only the first page of the book, so to speak.

The Sioux Center Public library offers numerous programs for children, but the library also has  more to offer the students of Dordt University

“We have many e-resources available that Dordt Students can use,” Heidi Ouwinga, a librarian, said. 

Such resources include a cloud library through which eBooks and audio books can be borrowed, Libby, a platform that offers eBooks and videos, and Hoopla, a platform that provides free streaming of TV shows, movies, and music, and books.

The Research and Database department additionally has accessible academic resources, including the full Encyclopedia Britannica and various newspaper archives, or major-specific resources, such as a vast collection of children’s books and self-paced courses for Education majors and web design software for Digital Media majors. Career assistance is also provided for members.    

All e-resources are accessible via library card, which Dordt students can acquire with their ID cards. However, a physical card is also helpful and even necessary in various circumstances. To obtain a full library card, one can ask for one at the front desk of the library, and a staff member will provide a small information card to fill out. 

A library card grants access to the many physical books and resources at the library, including the library of “things,” in which members can rent games, baking supplies, an instant pot, a Wii, and many more items.    

In addition to these countless resources, many actives are held at the Sioux Center Library. Currently, a winter reading program is in session. 

“I think after you come off the holidays it’s kind of, blah,” Youth Services Librarian Emily Van Weerdhuizen said. “So it’s a good way to get people excited about something and just continue reading during the year.” 

The winter program is for 5th graders through adult-aged members. Reading logs are available at the front desk or online through The prizes are a $25 Walmart gift card for adults and prize baskets 5th to 12th graders.

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