Diamond Digs

Mikaela Wegner – Co Editor  

The Diamond is kicking off a new project and we want your help. Beginning in the 2022 Fall Semester, The Diamond will provide scholarships to both writers and artists with Diamond Digs, a section of The Diamond dedicated to The New Yorker-style comics and sketches. Our aim is to incorporate humorous, artistic renderings of college life at Dordt University. We’re calling the series “Diamond Digs” because the comics will poke or “dig” at our university’s culture. So, share what’s important and relatable to you and others. We’re already accepting submissions for next week’s issue at diamond@dordt.edu. If you have any questions or are interested in applying for a scholarship, send myself, Sam Landstra, or Lee Pitts an email. Happy drawing.

Elanor Gesch – Guest Contributor
Julia Visser – Guest Contributor

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