Avocados kept me alive this year

Rochelle vanderHelm— Staff Writer 

The price of one avocado has been around $0.50 for the past two semesters and that has been my primary source of sustenance. However, to my dismay, I ventured to Walmart the other day only to discover that after a brief period of high supply of avocados in the market, the avocado has returned to around $0.80 each. Smart agro-economics people are happily writing articles about the “recovery” of avocado prices like it is a good thing while I cry and eat the last avocado I have saved in the fridge.

Consider the merits of the avocado toast:

Contributed Photo

It is cheap: A loaf of pretty good whole grain bread costs about $2.50 and has about 28 slices. One slice of bread and a half of a 50-cent avocado makes a small meal for $0.35, rounded up. 

It is easy: All you need is a knife and spoon to prepare this meal. If you are a simpleton like me, you don’t even have to make your own bread, you can buy it pre-sliced at the store. You will have to slice the avocado by yourself though.

It is healthy: Avocados are rich in healthy fats which keep you feeling full longer and have the added benefit of aiding hormonal health.

It is pretty: The green and brown avocado toast looks nice on your Instagram.

Being a basic white girl is no longer in fashion, but I am here to say that I am a basic white girl who will eat avocado toast until the day I develop an allergy to whole grain toast. For the record, my father is a basic white girl as well since he is the one who originally introduced such a magical combination to me. He also introduced me to the more questionable tomato toast, which I only recommend to those who are not afraid of soggy bread.

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