A goodbye from our graduating reporters

Caleb Pollema — Staff Writer

Writing for The Diamond over the last four years has been one of the highlights of my college career. I am immensely grateful for professor Pitts and his work in shaping me into the writer vthat I am today. From covering hard news pieces to writing the sports section, I have enjoyed giving a voice to so many people in the Dordt community.

If I had to leave one piece of advice for future journalists, it would be to always pursue the truth no matter the circumstances. We must never sacrifice the truth for the purpose of gain, popularity, or anything else. In the end, you can never go wrong if the truth is pursued. In so doing, you give a voice to the voiceless as professor Pitts has always told us and that is what is most important as a Christian journalist.

Tess Hemmila — Copy Editor

When I started on The Diamond as a freshman, I could never have anticipated all the fun I would have writing for this newspaper. These four years on The Diamond have pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me connect with so many incredible students, faculty, and members of the local community. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Monday nights.  

As a senior, they tell me I’m allowed to give advice now, so I have two things to say. To all The Diamond writers, keep your eyes open to the amazing stories all around you. The best stories are often unexpected. To any other students reading this, you should probably be writing for The Diamond. The Diamond is a great opportunity to tell the stories that matter to you and to join a fantastic team of students. Don’t miss out!

Yage Wang — Staff Writer

The best memory, and the most intimidating one I had about The Diamond, is participating in one of the meetings when I was a sophomore. Everyone was extremely excited while proposing ideas for articles. Some of them even stood on their chairs shouting ideas. It was like a newsroom simulation. Everyone was yelling, laughing, joking, and debating. Ideas were overflowing. 

However, I was scared away and didn’t return until next year, mostly because I was not confident about the things that I’m able to write. The years I’ve been a part of The Diamond have taught me so many things. Especially that no one can know how to write well without practice. It prepared and trained me to become a writer who can look at my bad articles and refrain from mistakes the next time.

Emma Stoltzfus — Co-Chief Editor

I joined The Diamond at the start of my freshman year. In the last four years I’ve had the chance to serve in a variety of roles. From writer to assistant layout designer to co-chief editor, it’s been a great journey and I’ll be sad to go. The Diamond has allowed me to meet some great people in the Dordt community and share their stories.

My advice to future reporters and writers is to not shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity you can to meet new people and learn about their lives. A good journalist is never complacent and always learning—about the world, about people, and about themselves.

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