OMORI: welcome to the white space

Elise Wennberg – Staff Writer

Welcome to the white space. Here, there are no borders, no walls, no windows—just the endless white. Nothing but you, a black cat, an old computer, a sketchbook, a box of tissues and a black light hanging down from nothing. Welcome. Are you waiting for something to happen?

OMORI is a surreal indie psychological horror RPG game by OMOCAT that not only has a rich story line, but also includes unique characters, an amazing soundtrack with over a hundred pieces, a fantastic art style and heartracing moments that drive the plot forward. After six years of devolvement, OMORI released on December 25. The Kickstarter started in 2014 in order to raise funds for developing the game.

As you follow Omori and his friends through a fantastical world full of strange creatures and fun side quests, you confront enemies, face off against bosses (and a planet) and discover lost memories whilst adventuring through unknown lands.

Before entering the game, a warning: OMORI deals with topics such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide and other topics that may make some people uncomfortable; player discretion is advised. Although the game is typically fixed in a cheerful light, it is important to remember the horror elements that may otherwise be forgotten; creepy monsters arise from the darkness, fears petrify the movements of the player, and intrusive thoughts sometimes interfere with the adventures of Omori and his friends.

Gameplay-wise, it plays like a basic RPG such as Earthbound or Undertale where in combat there are different abilities that can be used as the characters level up. However, rather than status effects such as poison, bleeding, etc., the turn-based combat system is based on human emotions.

The more exploration done, the more items, skills, weapons, and trash (remember to recycle!) you will receive. So, exploring is recommended and highly rewarded. And just because you have already been somewhere before, does not mean that it has stayed the same. The game is currently available on Steam for PC and Mac users. The release dates for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms have yet to be announced. OMORI costs twenty dollars for the game and the soundtrack is available for thirteen dollars.

Enter the world of Omori, the story about a depressed, shut-in boy who is rediscovering his past memories and finding a way to live in the world once again.
Game rating: 10/10

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