Dordt alumni returns as professor

Georgia Lodewyk – Staff Writer

This year Dordt’s Education Department welcomes Dr. Matthew Beimers from Langley, British Columbia, as a new professor. He graduated from Dordt College in 1990. Though Sioux Center was a long haul from his hometown, as a student he knew he wanted to be at Dordt without even visiting. Beimers had to actually look up where Dordt was on a Rand McNally atlas. However, by the end of his years as an undergrad, Dordt became less of a strange, foreign place and more of a home.

“It set me on a trajectory in my faith and in my vocation that to this day I am grateful for.” Beimers said.

He remembers many of his Dordt professors and faculty, including Mike Vanden Bosch, Bill Elgersma, and Howard Hall, as having a huge impact on his life and time at Dordt.

Dr. Beimers received his undergrad in English and Master’s in Education from Dordt. He remembers many of his Dordt professors and faculty, including Mike Vanden Bosch, Bill Elgersma, and Howard Hall, as having a huge impact on his life and time at Dordt. Later, Beimers went on to earn his Doctorate of Education from George Fox University. He worked as a coach and teacher at Langley Christian Middle School in Langley, British Columbia and Manhattan Christian School in Manhattan, Montana. His most recent job was as a teacher and principal at Surrey Christian Elementary School in Surrey, British Columbia before returning to teach at Dordt.

Coming back to work at Dordt University is something Dr. Beimers says is a perfect fit.

“When I look at Dordt’s mission and vision, there’s something when I read that resonates deeply.” He said. “When you think about a vocation, you want to work at a place where their vision and your vision align.”

Dordt University’s mission statement, founder’s vision, and commitment to Christian education made Dr. Beimers’s decision to work at Dordt an exciting one.

“If this is what Dordt’s about, then I am all in,” Beimers said.

This fall, Dr. Beimers will teach EDUC 300, or History and Philosophy of Education, and two graduate school leadership courses. When asked what he loved most about his job so far at Dordt, he answered in one word: Students.

Teaching, he believes, is more than just in- class lectures and notes on a screen. It is about establishing long-lasting relationships with students.

“Just being with students. Learning with them, learning from them, walking alongside them.” Beimers said.

Dr. Beimers stresses the importance of recognizing our role in the kingdom of Christ, and helping students understand their own value, worth, and purpose as Christ’s children. It is something he also wants all future teachers to know.

“It’s not just about filling students with knowledge…It’s about wholeness. It’s about helping them flourish as children of God.”

Helping students find their place in that story, for Dr. Beimers, is one of the most important and amazing parts of Christian education.

“Whether it’s kindergarten students, or undergrad, or graduate students, everyone has a role to play in God’s story of redemption,” Beimers said.

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