Sharing Defender art

Yage Wang — Staff Writer

As people all over the world social distance under the threat of COVID-19, many museums have closed. In order to allow people to see their works, institutions like the Louvre Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and British Museum are creating virtual tours.  In a similar effort, Dordt’s art department has created an Instagram account to showcase student and faculty art.

ART.Dordt Art Instagram.Yage

The account focuses on sharing artistic creations rather than reaching a goal of competing or inspiring the viewers. As a result of this, the Dordt art department rather emphasizes encouraging young artists to create artwork, even during the severe time of social restrictions.

“Much of the art-making process involves showing our art as well—both completed pieces and in-process works. That is lacking in this new environment that we’re dealing with this semester due to COVID-19,” said professor Vaughn Donahue, who teaches graphic design courses at Dordt.

The account posted a variety of artwork in its first week.  Photography, drawing, painting, and even pictures of baking cookies fill the feed. However, submissions aren’t limited to exhibitable and completed artworks.

David Riadi, a junior graphic design minor, said while he isn’t comfortable sharing all his art the Instagram account is a way to artists to become more confident showing their work. “It’s not meant to be kept or stored in somewhere that no one can see.” Riadi said, “Regardless of everything in it that can be good or bad, you got to share it, and that’s how we improve it too.”

During a pandemic a small art account on social media is not something of huge note, but many students and professors at Dordt are working through this account to remind people that creativity continues.

“Especially during this time of distance, we thought it would be important to give students an opportunity to share their work with their fellow students, as well as the Dordt community as a whole.” Donahue said, “So much art-making is still happening, even though we aren’t together physically, and it’s important that we share that.”

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