Residence Life on campus

Yee Lim Shin — Staff Writer

Ever since Dordt University went online, the campus sidewalksonce was filled with students—are empty. The school of around 1,500 students now has less than 200 students living in its dorms. Among those few students still on campus are the Residence Life staff. 


The Residence Life staff, which consist of RAs (Residence Assistants), CDAs (Community Development Assistants), and LCAs (Learning Community Assistants) are still on campus to provide students with any help they may needWhile their titles remain the same, as Dordt shifts to online learning, their duties also change.  

“A lot of our work is centered around planning events and being with our residents,” West Hall RA Yovela Belicia said, “and now since all our residents are gone, well, that’s a huge part of it taken away.” 

Every day there is an RA or LCA on duty for every residence hall, and one CDA for the apartments. They have duty and security phones to keep in contact and do rounds around their respective buildings, answer calls, and help students.  

“Now since we have more online classes, more of my position has been getting people into their rooms or their buildings if they get locked out or helping people move out as people come back over the weekend,” CDA Michael Buma said. 

Instead of staying on duty from 5 pm-8 am like they usually do during the semester, the Residence Life staff hold the duty and security phones 24/7 so there is always someone available to help. 

“The pro-staff was saying they just want people to know that we’re on campus and available as a resource,” said CDA Jacquelyn Geels. 

Like the rest of Dordt University, the Residence Life staff is making adjustments to serve students. 

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