Ella Rynders: 2020 Pantone

Evangeline Colarossi—Staff Writer 


A distinct pop of color emanated from the art display from the past week, with little variation in the cheerful colors from each piece of art. The title “2028 Pantone” reveals the central color of the exhibit, thawing the cold winter atmosphere with its floral designs and blushing shades.  

“I hope the warm shades of red, orange, and yellow filling this gallery communicate joy, wonder, and intrigue,” wrote Ella Rynders, as an introduction to her senior art exhibit.  

I have always been drawn to bright, warm colors when creating art, buying clothes, or decorating my apartment,” Rynders said.Pantone 2028 C is a warm red color that I find occurs the most in my selections, so I wanted to make a gallery installation that revolved around this color. 

Rynders’ favorite piece from this art show was a blooming setup. Contrasting white with her typical vibrant colors, she constructed 3D sculptures of Pantone chips, one of which was the namesake of the art display. Yellows, reds, and oranges were exposed in floral bouquets that were assembled around the sculpture.  

Rynders’ art included natural designs from flowers, fruits, and plants, taking the natural color of these things and expanding it.  

“I believe that color is irreplaceable in a world where it is slowly growing extinct, she said.   “Color can sway thinking, change emotions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure, or suppress your appetite.  Color is one of the most powerful forms of communication.”  

Rynders communication isn’t just through a viewer’s interpretation of the art. Her show also included aspects from her wedding, as she created her own digital designs for the invitations and other printouts. Her distinct colors are found within these. 

Rynders’ art show consists of Linocut block prints, paintings, digital design pieces, and a sculpture. Though she enjoys all of these mediums, her favorites are digital design and printmaking. She was aware of the possibility of an art show last semester but was not given a showing date or proposal acceptance until January 14th. Since then, she has been working to put together this collection of pieces.  

I have loved being artistic from a young age, but I didn’t decide to major in Art/Graphic Design until Christmas break of my freshman year at Dordt,” Rynders said. 

During her freshman year at Dordt, Rynders took a graphic design class, which prompted her to change majors from Public Relations to Graphic Design. The Graphic Design major allows students to receive a degree in fine arts as well. Students take courses focusing on a range of mediums. Digital design classes are the core focus, but are supported with drawing, painting, photography, art history, and printmaking.  

Taking such a variety of classes “has made my experience different than many other graphic design majors I know at other universities,” Rynders said. “Dordt has blessed me with a wide range of experiences and skills to put toward my graphic design work in the future.” 

Rynders graduated from Dordt in December and is currently working at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, SD as a graphic design intern. At the end of the semester, Rynders will move to Sioux Falls and continue her work at Sanford in a full-time position.  

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