2020 Cultural Fair

Alicia Bonestroo — Staff Writer

Coming down the stairs of the Campus Center and into the Grille area, the community was met with small flags dangling from the ceilings and bannisters representing many countries around the world. An origami table was at the foot of the stairs. There, they could fold paper into any shape they wish — with either the help from volunteers, instructions from books, or the internet.

Cultural Fair 1 PC_ Dordt Facebook

On February 15 the Students Without Borders Club held their annual Cultural Fair, where Dordt’s international students share parts of their native culture with the community. This year, TJ Rankin, a transfer student, attended Dordt’s Cultural Fair for the first time.

“There were several well represented countries with a lot of information, as well as the interesting cultural foods,” said Rankin.

Colorful trifold boards containing information and fun facts about each country represented decked tables in the grille area. Significant items and foods from each culture sat with their corresponding boards, free for the tasting pleasure of passing students.


In addition to displaying food, some members of the Students Without Borders Club wore traditional clothing from their country. Those that chose to do this participated in a fashion show later in the evening. Highlights from the fashion show included styles from Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Paraguay, South Korea and China.


Alongside the fashion show was a talent show where students had an opportunity to display dances, music, or other talents traditional to their home culture. All three of the talent acts this year consisted of singing in multiple languages.

“It was really interesting to see the different types of fashion,” Rankin said, “and the talent show was very fascinating.”

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