New year, new coach

Anthony Siegrist — Staff Writer

In order to start the new year off right, Dordt University made the decision to hire Alex Durbin, a Dordt graduate and former soccer player, as the head coach of the women’s soccer team.

Coach Durbin received the call the day after Christmas and he said accepting was an easy decision.


“To be the final one here, sitting in this office,” Durbin said, “it’s a dream come true. Being able to coach soccer is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life and being able to do it at Dordt makes it even better.”

Durbin’s new office is located in the Dordt Recreation Center where the old cardio room used to be. Over the winter break, the room underwent a makeover to make space for new HHP offices. The whole setup feels a little makeshift but at least there’s new carpet.

With his reddish-blond hair and wispy mustache, the new coach sits in his brand new 7’ x 7’ office sporting a Dordt University sweatshirt.  To fill the small space, one wall is lined with soccer memorabilia, including the scarf of his favorite team, Manchester United, along with a white board with all the names of committed and potential recruits. On Durbin’s desk lies a new Dell laptop, as well as a Bible and a picture of his wife, striking a balance of his work and personal life.

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Coach Durbin played soccer since he was able to walk. In his college years, Durbin played for Dordt, scoring 22 goals his senior year. Attending Dordt was a transition time for Durbin, being smaller than the high school he attended, but he appreciated the community aspect Dordt offered.

“Getting the right kids here at Dordt is also extremely important. I want them to be able to fit in with our culture, the mission and vision of our team, but also of the school and athletic department.”

In the preseason, Durbin plans on having his team in the weight room twice a week as well as practices in the gym to work on fundamentals.

Alaina Van Zalen, a junior on the team, said that Durbin’s excitement for the up and coming season has been contagious and the team is ready to get started.

Last year, the women’s soccer team finished fourth in the GPAC, and Coach Durbin expects nothing less this year.

“I think we’re in the same position. We have a lot of really good recruits coming in and I’d really be competing for a GPAC title through the regular season, and I think our girls can.”

Now at the helm of a college soccer team at the age of 25, Durbin is up for the challenges that a new year brings.

“Dordt trusts me; they’ve hired me to step into this position,” Durbin said. “They have expectations, but…my expectations for where I want to take this program and what I want to do with it are higher than anyone else out there. I believe God has put it on my heart to be a coach, and if He’s put me in this position, it was His plan before I was even born.”

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