Core 160 Art Trip Gives New Perspective on Art

Yee Lim Shin — Staff Writer


The Core 160 Art Trip to Minneapolis happens every semester. It gives students chance to experience four different art venues: a music event, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the Guthrie Theater.


“We do a music event on Friday night, do the theater on Saturday, and then do the art visits in between,” said Core 160 film professor Bob De Smith.


The structure of the trip is the same every semester, while the theater productions and music events change. This year, students signed up to watch a film screening concert, where a live orchestra played in the background of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, offering a unique watching experience. They also watched the theater production of The Glass Menagerie and stayed for a post-play discussion with the director and actors.


After going on the Minneapolis trip, the students often notice a different perspective of the arts. Sophomore Aubrey Keenan talked about her experience going to the trip after taking the Core 160 Visual Arts subsection.


“When we went to the sculpture park, I got to talk with [Professor Platter] a lot,” Keenan said. “I got to gain a lot more understanding while I was there and when I talked to him because he would tell me about these each sculpture.” 


The Minneapolis Institute of Art has a large range of artwork, reaching back as far as Ancient Egyptian art, up till the 20th and 21st century modern and contemporary art. They also showcase a lot of artwork from famous artists throughout the century.


“The biggest takeaway for me was seeing all the old art in the art museum because everything is really new in North America,” said sophomore Gareth Johnston. “I don’t get to see old things, so then it was so surreal to see something from like ancient Egypt that’s like, ‘wow,’ Moses was alive during the time that this was made, that is so cool.”  


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