Feenstra’s Campaign Kickoff

Lexi Schnaser — Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 15th, people of all ages packed the Defender Grille: news station representatives, community members, Dordt students, and faculty. Tuesday marked the official kickoff of Dordt professor Randy Feenstra’s United States Congressional campaign.


Introduced by Bob Vander Plaats, the leader of an influential social conservative organization in Iowa, and his children, Feenstra took the stage with confidence.

He began his kickoff speech by thanking the many parties who have helped him get to this point of his campaign. He noted his faith as an essential part of his desire and calling to run for national Congress. Quoting Proverbs 16:9, his favorite Bible verse, Feenstra acknowledged that he has felt the Lord establishing his steps throughout each part of his political journey.

“He has created me for this time, for this place, for this purpose,” said Feenstra.

Getting into the specifics of his campaign promises Feenstra said, “We are Iowans; we have values.” He noted his experiences in the Iowa State Senate, as a professor at Dordt, and serving on other City Councils have taught him his values and the values of his fellow Iowans. Feenstra also addressed the issue of small businesses in Iowa by saying the capitalism of Iowa has grown the main streets, churches, and schools.

“We must have an advocate in the Ag Committee,” said Feenstra, referring to the House Agriculture Committee. Iowa’s 4th District current representative Steve King is not a member of any House Committee. Feenstra noted Iowa’s high rankings in the national agriculture industry and his goals to keep in that way. “I will make sure that I create proactive policies, advance ethanol, and bio-diesel…to cut out regulation in the farming community, to advocate for trade, because we in the 4th district need it.”

Dordt students showed strong support for Feenstra at the kickoff. As he spoke, Feenstra was surrounded on stage by Dordt students holding signs that read “Feenstra for Congress” and “Proven. Effective. Conservative.” “He’s a strong candidate, and I support his viewpoints,” said freshman Sam Walhof.

As Feenstra wound down, he turned to face the Dordt students who stood behind him in support. “It is each one of you that are the future of America,” he said to the students. After his speech, Feenstra noted how important it was that his initial kickoff event was at Dordt.

“This is where my roots are,” Feenstra said. “This is my home.”

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