D’arte Club’s Ceramics Night

Yee Lim Shin — Staff Writer

On the evening of October 22, the ceramics room bustled with different types of sounds. People chattering, clay slapping against tables, and the whir of pottery wheels filled the space during the D’arte Club’s Ceramics Night.


“[D’arte Club] is just basically about doing kind of planning and facilitating art events that anyone and everyone can be a part of.” D’arte Club co-leader Retasya Badudu said. “It’s just about kind of coming together as a community and letting people like take a break from their busy life.”

The Ceramics Night, an annual event hosted by D’arte Club, was an overall success on their part. It’s one of the more popular events, with around 50 students from a variety of majors joining in on the creative fun.

“I was walking to class one day and I left my apartment floor in Kuyper and I saw a poster and I was like, I like making pottery so this would be pretty fun.” Senior computer and engineer science major Dan Kelly said.

Kelly had some experience beforehand with pottery and used the wheel to make a bowl, but most  students there had little to no experience with clay before they signed up.


After a short tutorial by students from D’arte club or the ceramics class on how to use the pottery wheels, students got to work. Some made abstract art, animals, and spoons, while others used the pottery wheel to create bowls, plates, and vases.

Sometime next month the D’arte Club will then bake the pottery pieces in the kiln and decorate them.

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