Club Fair—find your own special gang

Yage Wang — Staff Writer


Last Thursday, 25 different clubs on campus attended the annual Club Fair. Many clubs showed their enthusiasm for their various activities and hobbies by bringing items for students to interact with. The Ping-Pong club brought a mini table for students to have small competitions on or to demonstrate their unique skills, while the Nerf Club brought their own mini arsenal of foam blasters.

Among all of the clubs, there were some notable new ones looking to start up.

Daniel Kwantes, a senior student who just set up the Jiu-Jitsu Club, explained the club’s activities while wearing his belt and uniform.

“I got trained in the summer and I think it will be cool if more people on campus can get in touch with Jiu-Jistu,” said Kwantes.

The Yoga Club advocated for a peaceful and relaxing activity for students. In the next few weeks, the Yoga Club will not only hold a weekly yoga session, but also host a costume party, a Thanksgiving potluck, and an ugly sweater contest.

“We started the Yoga Club in last January just so we can get more time to stay healthy and have fun time with other people learning yoga,” said senior Rylie Brown. “We really want to just build a community around yoga because the more comfortable you are with the people, the better I feel you can relax into the yoga.”

But not all the clubs focus on hobbies–some promote community building and mission activities. The Prison Ministries club, headed by DJ Runia, holds monthly student visits to the South Dakota State Penitentiary to have a chapel service with the prisoners there, while the Sunday Singing Club has organized a small group of students singing hymns for the residents at Royale Meadows, Sioux Center’s senior care facility, every Sunday.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming. There are lots of things packed into a small space,” said freshman Hope Weyrick. “And there are more clubs than I thought. I went to the taste of Sioux Center but there were only a few. For the Club Fair, there are so many!”

If a student can’t find exactly what they were looking for, they are encouraged to start their own clubs here at Dordt.

“There is a form that Student Government has, and we will send it to them if they want to start a club,” said Daniel Moe, a member of Student Government. “They need to fill out the basic information, have a faculty sponsor, and say what their plans are for the club. And we will schedule a time for the representatives of the club to meet with us as a body.”

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