Yage Wang – Staff Writer

Dordt University hosted its annual Fiesta on September 20th after the Pops concert. It’s a late-night, outdoor event for students to socialize, relax, and get free snacks. As in previous years, Fiesta provided a photo booth, fish racing, vibrant Latin music, and many other activities for students. For most people, Fiesta is an enjoyable occasion and, consequently, it attracts people other than Dordt students.

“I heard about this event from word of mouth and I think Fiesta is really great,” Anselmo Kim, a Northwestern College student, said while chewing hot churros. “It will be better if there are more people dancing.”


With atmospheric yellow lights hanging in the trees and a warm fall breeze, countless students gathered together at the Fiesta. Abby Barrientos, a sophomore student from Costa Rica, taught dancing moves to some girls with delightful music. Steve Marques, an East Hall RA, wore a huge taco costume with his friends.  Fiesta is a time to hang out with friends and form new relationships through free food and fish racing.

While the event is fun and well-attended, students do have some suggestions.

“Fiesta is good, but also really repetitive,” Erika Uribe, a junior student raised in a Latino-culture family, said. “I already know what’s happening over there, and there are many activities in the Fiesta that I wouldn’t say are from my culture.”

“It is a generous effort that Dordt has tried to make itself more diverse and be more aware of the Spanish-speaking students,” senior Sarah Siglin said. “But it also showed that the American stereotype impression about the Spanish culture.”

Dordt’s annual Fiesta is a student social activity that has benign and fun-loving intentions. The event’s name is literally “party.” However, there’s always room to grow and improve.

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