Are the Jonas Brothers finally back?

Justin Banks – Staff Writer


Contributed Photo

The Jonas Brothers have recently reclaimed the hearts and minds of their fans who loved their music. The band’s release of their new single, “Sucker,” ended their six-year hiatus. But the accompanying music video is garnering more comments about its content than the song itself.

The video shows brothers Kevin, Nick and Joe alongside their wives and fiancée—Danielle Jonas (née Deleasa), Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner— lounging in an English countryside mansion.

Members of the family sunbathe in the library, ride a bike through the garden, hedge bushes in the courtyard and enjoy a tea party in the lawn, all while the song plays in the background.

“Sucker” begins with Nick Jonas singing, “We go together / Better than birds of a feather, you and me,” as the camera pans out to show Danielle and Sophie in lawn chairs. Then Priyanka leans in to Nick for a brief yet intimate moment.

Unlike their past songs, which any single lover can relate to, this song alludes to a new direction for the band, where they promote the love they find in marriage. The song has leapt to the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart (as of March 16), indicating that, regardless of time, people are still “Suckers” for the loveable Jonas Brothers.

“When the Jonas Brothers were really popular, I was in about in the 3rd grade. I didn’t think about them romantically,” freshman Juliana Tien said. “I still don’t think of them romantically. I am just happy that the brothers are back together. ‘Sucker’ isn’t their greatest, but I have high hopes that better songs will come.”

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