Changes coming to the Signet

Josh Meribole – Staff Writer

Over the years, many departments at Dort have taken on the Signet, with the most recent being the marketing department. Next school year, though, the art department will take on the responsibility.

Upper-level graphic design students will be designing and producing the Signet over the course of a year, as an official class. Art professor Vaughn Donahue says the Signet was not really a marketing piece because it is for the internal community at Dordt. Decisions are still being made to what the course will look like.

“It’s going to be a yearbook made by students for students,” Donahue said. “It will hopefully be a piece that will be appreciated by the campus community.”

Prior to the decision of giving the Signet to the art department, people debated whether the publication would be physically printed or not. Donahue advocated for it to be in print.

“The two times in life that a yearbook is fun to look at is the day you get it and then 20 years down the road when your kids find it and see what kind of crazy hair you had,” Donahue said.

Next year, the students working on the yearbook will be looking at making the it more engaging and appealing. Donahue says this will give students the opportunity to work on bigger, longer projects in which they have to collaborate to create a final product.

In the past, the Signet has been taken up by the Communication and Marketing department, the English department, and the Art department.

According to Jamin Van Vielde, when the Marketing department got the Signet, interns over the summer were responsible for publishing.

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