Just Dancing on the steps of Jacob’s Ladder

Haemi Kim—Staff Writer

Jacob’s ladder in the Science Building was filled with music and dancers on Saturday night, February 2nd. Why? The Just Dance Marathon, where students could come and go, enjoying themselves and dancing along with the moves.

The rules for the marathon was simple: be careful and don’t get hurt while dancing on the steps, move down a row –the bottom row would move up top – when a song is finished, enjoy dancing to the beat, and show off your best moves when you’re in the bottom row.

College students from a variety of majors gathered to break it down.

Just Dance Marathon PC Haemi Kim

Photo by Haemi Kim

“It was so fun to just be silly and let loose,” senior nursing major Holly Hiemstra said. “Having the event in the Science Building was a fun change of scenery and I think people really enjoyed it. Us Dutch kids need to be told exactly what to do when it comes to dancing so this event certainly fit the bill.”


“It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with people that I know, and to get to know some new people!” sophomore electrical engineering major Colton Ott said.

The music selection during the event had as much variety as the students. Other than the different American pop songs, students also requested songs like “Rasputin”, a German song about the prominent Russian figure, “Spectronizer” from Japan, and “Ddu-du Ddu-du”, “Gangnam Style”, and “Bang Bang Bang” from Korea.

The continuous fast moves sent some students for a water break and a short rest, but after sitting out one or two songs, they got back up to join the rest of the crowd.

“Hopefully they do [the marathon] again; it was great!” Ott said.

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