Students provide a magical night of talent for TX

Danielle Schultz and Joshua Meribole — Staff Writers, & Janelle Cammenga — Chief Editor

The audience gasped as the cameras zoomed in. Junior Felix Alcover gestured to his tic-tac-toe board, which now showed, “Wandered. 9 of hearts. Vivid pg. 72.” Over the course of Alcover’s routine, audience volunteers had chosen words from two different books and pulled a card out of his deck. He had predicted. Every. Choice. The crowd burst into cheers and applause, rising to their feet. It was a TX performance to remember.

Alcover, the champion of the show, won the audience’s hearts with his magic routine. He started learning magic five years ago in Puerto Rico; he never expected to get this far.

“I love doing magic. That’s honestly because I love making people smile,” Alcover said. “I really like to see people light up, or even sometimes make their day with just a magic trick.”

Though no other acts predicted the future, plenty of students showcased their skills at Saturday’s Talent Extravaganza.

Noah Deist, the second-place winner, showed off his drumming skills earlier that night by playing along to a mash-up of popular songs. Although Diest played live looping music at the freshman talent show and NCDC, he stuck with only one instrument for the evening.

TX PC - Sophia Shin

Photo by Haemi Kim

Third place went to “Here We Are,” a musical group that included seniors Sophia Shin and Rebecca Groninga, and junior Sam Kim. Inspired by Isaiah 6:8, Sophia composed their whole song in less than half an hour when she visited Inspiration Hills a couple of years ago.

“I was convicted to write something about the act of surrender, humility and identity,” Shin said. “To be honest, all that mattered to me [about performing] was the fact that I was able to share my song and my story to my Dordt friends.”

Ashley Van Engen started the night by sitting down at the piano and playing Chopsticks—slowly and deliberately. She paused. Then amped up the speed and difficulty of the piece, her fingers pounding the keys while also flying across them.

Both junior Katherine Fictorie and freshman Renae Bruinsma sang solo pieces. Fictorie performed a selection from the Addam’s Family musical, and Renae sang an original composition about a breakup.

Juniors Heather Vander Woude and Mitchell Siebersma swing danced across the stage, combining typical moves with more complex aerials.


Photo by Janelle Cammenga

Weapons of Brass Destruction, a brass quintet, closed the evening. They started out by playing “Africa” by Toto, then, as they all donned shiny sunglasses, mixed in “Havana.” In their after-performance interview, they admitted they had gone through several different names (like “Better than Sax” and “Brassholes”) before they landed on their current moniker in the interest of keeping things PG.

It was just fun to watch Dordt students share their talents with everyone, according to emcees Tara Andersen and Hannah Veldhuisen.

“A lot of them were nervous beforehand, but we’re so glad they pushed themselves to do it!” Veldhuisen said.

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