Uber and its non-existence in Northwest Iowa

Caleb Pollema– Staff Writer

Uber has recently expanded to Spirit Lake, near Okoboji. What are the benefits of Uber in a rural area like Sioux Center?

While bigger cities across the United States rely on the ride-share company as a means of
transportation, Northwest Iowa has not caught on to the trend.

According to Uber’s website, if an individual needed a ride from Dordt’s campus to the
Foreign Candy Company outlet in Hull, it would cost the rider nearly $17 to make the trip.

Trips to other locations further from the region would cost even more money. A trip to
Morningside College in Sioux City would cost an individual just over $60 and trip to the Sioux Falls airport from Dordt would cost nearly $90.

Uber’s website states that the nearest city covered by Uber to Sioux Center is Sioux Falls.
This explains the significant cost of using the company as transportation in Sioux Center.

Even though Sioux Center is much smaller compared to cities like Sioux Falls, some
students said that driving for Uber would be a profitable job.

“I believe that it would be a great way to provide an additional source of income,” said
Dordt sophomore Jared Gross. “It would be another way for a person to easily have a second job and bring in more money.”

Not only would Uber provide an additional source of income to drivers, but also provide
easy access for students needing a ride to and from various locations.

“It would be a great way to get a ride to Walmart especially if you didn’t have a car,”
said Dordt sophomore Kate Wnek.

While many people believe that the service would be a great addition to the economic life and well-being of the city, others disagree.

“I just wouldn’t use it because I already have a car,” said AJ Bosscher, a sophomore at Dordt.

Even if the riding service were to be expanded to Sioux Center, it might still be easier for
students at Dordt to borrow a friend’s car.

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