DCC changes once again

Connor Van Hulzen–Staff Writer

Early this fall Dordt College Central, better known as DCC, underwent some changes. After a few weeks of the occasional broken link, Computer Services worked to fix the problems until the technical portion of the website was up to standards. After the technical issues, the design aspect needed to be dealt with.

For all of the fall semester, DCC was colored in a neon yellow and a light blue/green. Now, just weeks into spring semester, DCC has been given an overhaul. Gone are the colors reminiscent of Easter, replaced with Dordt College’s black and yellow.


Contributed Photo

The new colors reflect Dordt’s announcement of a new logo. In the new Dordt University logo the yellow of choice is Pantone 1235C, which now appears on DCC instead of the older bright yellow.

Mark Dadisman is the Web Design and Development lead at Dordt. He explained the reason for the change, saying, “The marketing team decided to change the gold colors because it was really hard to get athletics apparel with the correct yellow.

People didn’t like the old DCC color scheme, DCC changes once again which is understandable, because I didn’t like it either. When I finally got around to changing
it, I changed the website to use the Dordt University color scheme.”

The change may better align the website with Dordt’s brand, but there are some who wish it had never been changed at all. “I don’t like it because I was used to the other colors.” said freshman David Gagliardi, “The new colors look weird to me.”

Sophomore Jacquelyn Geels disagreed. She said, “I think that it obviously coordinates better with Dordt’s colors, and the blue that it was felt vibrant and a little out of place. This feels a little calmer and more professional.”

In addition to the color change, a welcome page was added and the weather tab on the
home tab was improved.

“The welcome page was originally just for prospective students, but there was an issue
with some students not being able to see it because they were taking a college course
in high school,” said Dadisman, “They were technically already students, but then they
would go through the admissions process and not be able to see it. We decided to just make it available to everybody so that those prospective students could see it during the admissions process.”

The preparations for the name change from Dordt College to Dordt University will be
numerous and will take a lot of time to be fully implemented. Those changes are sure
to be contentious in one form or another. The debate about the changes to DCC follows the uproar surrounding the unveiling of the new University logo and will surely be followed by more debates about the changes to come.

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