Dordt instructor challenges Steve King for Congress

Tess Hemmila — Staff Writer, and Spencer Short – Guest Writer

For the first time in 16 years, a big change may be coming to Sioux County. Dordt College faculty member and lifetime Sioux County resident, state Senator Randy Feenstra, has announced his intention to run for the Iowa Representative District Four seat.

In early January, Feenstra made known his plans to run against long-time incumbent Representative Steve King in the 2020 race. His announcement came shortly after King made insensitive comments about white supremacy and botched a Martin Luther King Jr. Day tribute on Twitter.

Feenstra has served as an Iowa State Senator for District 2 for ten years and he is currently in his third term. If elected, Feenstra will have to give up his position as a state senator which will result in a special election to fill Feenstra’s seat.

The issues Feenstra has identified as most important are agriculture and simplifying the federal tax code to make it easier for the general public to understand. He hopes this will help keep the money of the people in their own pockets rather than in the hands of big government.

“I am very passionate about hearing what the voters want and focusing on what the people of the fourth district need,” Feenstra said.

The Northwest corner of Iowa is ranked the #1 agricultural district in the entire world, according to Feenstra. If elected as a representative of the fourth district, Feenstra says being on the Congressional Agricultural Board would be a necessity for him.

Feenstra also wishes to be on the Ways and Means Committee in Congress, the organization that works on national tax code and policy. In 2018, Feenstra and other members of the Iowa Senate Ways and Means Committee passed some of the largest tax cuts in Iowa history.

In addition to his political career, Feenstra has taught at Dordt College for ten years: eight years as an adjunct instructor and two years as an Instructor of Business Administration. Feenstra teaches a variety of business and political science classes at Dordt.

Despite positive feedback Feenstra has received, not everyone is impressed with Randy Feenstra’s run. Current head of Dordt College Republicans, sophomore Tyler Bouma, believes Steve King will continue to be the best choice for northwest Iowa.

“It’s not completely surprising that someone is trying to run against Steve King with all the national controversy he’s been embroiled in… but I think the only reason that [big agriculture] wants Feenstra to run is for more corporate welfare,” said Bouma.

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